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Why Choose SKDS for Your Company Projects?

Your vision, our mission!
At SKDS, we offer a diverse range of integrated drilling services for both onshore and offshore fields. SKDS boasts a team of highly experienced engineers,and up-to-date equipment which provides comprehensive services, integrated solutions and unparalleled success in drilling and engineering that drive your projects forward.

Our Services

At SKDS, we redefine excellence in drilling services, encompassing everything from cementing and tubular running to H2S safety and drilling waste management. We consistently deliver precision, innovation, and responsibility.

Our Projects

At SKDS, we are proud to lead in the IDS field, consistently delivering quality, innovation, and excellence through our skilled workforce, all while maintaining a strong commitment to safety and protecting our planet.

Our Assets

Our assets in drilling are the cornerstone of precision, efficiency, and success in every project. Our mission is clear: to provide top-tier services to meet your drilling needs with efficient asset portfolio

About us

"SKDS: where precision meets excellence in the world of engineering and drilling."

Welcome to Sarvak Kish Drilling Services (SKDS), a prominent player in the world of engineering and drilling services. Established in 2008 as a subsidiary of the esteemed "Global Petro Tech Kish" group, SKDS quickly rose to prominence, earning a reputation for excellence and innovation in a remarkably short time beacuse of:

Integrated Drilling Services (IDS)

One of our most notable achievements was the delivery of integrated drilling services (IDS) in the challenging oil fields. This accomplishment showcase our unwavering commitment to superior performance and our ability to conquer complex drilling challenges.

Cutting-Edge Facilities:

We maintain well-equipped logistics facilities in Mehran, Ahvaz, Sarvestan, and Kish Island, ensuring seamless project support. Our commitment to maintenance and repair is unwavering, with regular investments in up-to-date software and personnel training to meet industry standards and ensure client satisfaction.

Commitment to Quality and Client Satisfaction:

At SKDS, with unmatched expertise and integrated solutions, we are your trusted partner for all drilling needs. We offer a wide range of integrated and individual drilling services, both onshore and offshore, providing tailored solutions to meet our clients unique requirements.

Our Clients


Cementing Services

Sarvak Kish is one of the Iranian companies capable of provision of complete chain of services needed for delivering a successful cementing job.

Tubular Running Services

After the establishment, Sarvak Kish got aware of the needs of domestic market in terms of Tubular Running Services and started its activities in this field.

Drilling Fluids Services

Sarvak Kish started Drilling Fluids Services in 2014 and expanded to encompass all GPT projects due to its expertise development.

H2S Safety Services

O Sarvak Kish H2S Safety services guarantee a safe environment to all employees who work on drilling rigs or in refinery facilities.

Waste Mangenet

Sarvak Kish Drilling waste management services started to work in early 2021. At SKDS we tried to guarantee that our customers would receive satisfactory DWM services.

SKDS HSE Policy Highlights

Commitment to Health and Safety

Sarvak Kish Engineering and Drilling Services Company is dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of employees, the environment, and the company's reputation and assets.

SKDS HSE Policy Highlights

Our Core Commitments:

The company's core commitments encompass Health and Safety, Environmental Protection, Safeguarding Reputation, and Preserving Assets and Facilities.

SKDS HSE Policy Highlights

Guiding Principles:

The company adheres to guiding principles which include the prevention of injuries, prioritizing safety, continuous environmental improvement, adherence to HSE standards, and compliance with legal and international HSE standards.

SKDS HSE Policy Highlights

Strategic Goals:

The company's strategic goals revolve around promoting an HSE culture, providing HSE training, setting and reviewing HSE objectives, monitoring and controlling HSE activities, evaluating occupational health and safety hazards, and enhancing efficiency through key performance indicators in the HSE Management System.

SKDS HSE Policy Highlights

Top Management Commitment:

Sarvak Kish Engineering and Drilling Services Company's top management ensures that all employees understand their roles and responsibilities in the HSE Management System, as this policy is clearly communicated and explained to them.